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Zipnosis is a powerful virtual care platform that integrates seamlessly with your healthcare environment. With Zipnosis, your patients get reliable answers faster and your clinicians can treat common health problems more efficiently. Zipnosis is the only platform to combine an adaptive interview with phone and video care, and that’s only the beginning. Easier for patients. Quicker for clinicians.
Integrated with various APIs, HL7 Messaging queues and SureScripts E-Prescription network.

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“Velolet” is an application built for Bike Shops and their customers to easily find bikes to rent that are actually available to rent and fit properly.

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Heroic was like Angie's List or HomeAway, but rather than paying for reviews from strangers, we provided recommendations from your friends and neighbors through a Pinterest style sharing platform.

Cloud Scoring

Developing an application to for golf courses to track vital course data from players while giving the players opportunities to put a little action into the mix. Built the application from scratch and moved an Excel model into the app to handle the proprietary functions from the client.

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Book a Lesson

Developed in 2004 as a fun idea, became a viable business for local golf instructors in Minneapolis MN. Instructors are great at their crafts, but the bookkeeping side of the business that slows them down or prevents growth. I provided a platform for instructors to sell their time efficiently!

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Meet Me

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I am Ethan Otterlei, an entrepreneur and prototyper who loves solving problems and selling solutions with web based applications.

I joined Zipnosis in early 2012 and bring 15 years of web application development and product management experience. As Director of Product Management, I led the product team in executing the business strategies from idea to deployment. Currently as Director of Sales Operations, I utilize the deep knowledge of the virtual care market and how our product and services at Zipnosis can solve health system needs most efficiently and safely to match the right programs for unique needs of our health system partners.